Housewarming party ideas for the perfect host

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A house party with fairy lights

Sick of seeing unachievable housewarming party ideas? Who has time to blow up 200 balloons that perfectly match the curtains? A housewarming party can be as simple as writing the guestlist, and the rest of the work is left to those who come to warm your house. So, what can you do to make sure you kick things off with the right karma in your home?

Write the right housewarming guestlist

Think about what your new home can accommodate and plan for that. You could keep the guestlist open and fill the place to the rafters, incurring the probable wrath of your neighbours (in that case, just invite them as well) or you can opt to create a housewarming party that favours space within your home, keeping it to those friends you can count on your hand. This space helps people see how you have styled the place and will generally foster a more relaxed atmosphere where conversations can flow without the need for shouting.

A housewarming party is, like any other major event, a great opportunity to get the best out of your guest’s personalities. Favour those people who you expect would make for a great housewarming party: warm, inviting, open, inquisitive, fun. Don’t just invite 30 extroverts, nor just 30 introverts. A housewarming is not just about you having moved into a new chapter in your life, but it is about creating an environment for new connections between people and to allow those you know to come together to acknowledge their appreciation for your presence in their lives, even if they don’t say it out loud.

What does your housewarming say about you?

Maybe it says a slightly-too-strong bowl of punch and a playlist of 90s Disney tunes, or maybe it says a sit-down dinner where you have spent the day prepping your own profiteroles. While it might make sense to do what makes you comfortable and what your most good at, who says an introvert who prefers rolling their own pasta can’t hire a smoke machine and turn their new home into Glastonbury Festival for a night? Your housewarming could be a chance to get out of your comfort zone and embrace new aspects of your personality.

Do you hire a professional?

If you’re a 22-year old med student who has just moved in with three friends to an old house in Fitzroy, then no, you do not hire a professional. But if you just bought your dream home, have invited 50 guests, and you want to relax and enjoy the night, then a professional caterer is your first port of call for help. They can often provide wait staff who can help manage cleaning up.

Catering isn’t cheap, however, with the average catering at a wedding in Australia, with an average of 97 guests, equating to $100 per head. This certainly won’t be the case for a smaller housewarming party, but it won’t be as affordable as other catering alternatives.

Who is doing the dinner?

If it isn’t a caterer, perhaps it is a potluck dinner? The whole point of this housewarming party was to relax and enjoy everyone’s company, right? Potluck dinners are a great way to outsource the catering, let the showoffs show off and let the lazy ones stockpile the cupboard with packets of chips and camembert. They also reduce how much waste you end up with at the end of the night.

Create a housewarming checklist

Once you know what sort of housewarming party will reflect who you are (or who you will be for one night of the year), then you can make a checklist. If this housewarming will be the equivalent of Glastonbury Festival, then you probably won’t worry too much about buying flowers or making sure there are scented oil sticks in your bathroom, but you will want to make sure you are well-stocked with toilet paper, rubbish bags and those things that are going to help you the morning after.

How do you have a sustainable housewarming party?

Housewarming parties create a lot of one particularly heinous pollutant: single-use plastics. Think about how you can swap single-use plastics in your party.

Compostapak are one great Australian source for biodegradable rubbish bag liners that are delivered to your door. With the amount of waste that is produced during a housewarming party, this is a key and affordable way to reduce your use of single-use plastics. Compostapak source their materials from corn, a renewable material, as it is grown seasonally, while the organisation source their corn from GMO-free farms (Genetically Modified Organism) that have high rainfall, so they reduce the pressure placed on sources of irrigation.