Property Styling: how to create a welcoming home atmosphere

Written by in Buying

Property styling is a singular art that requires a unique mixture of creativity and industry. Not only do you have to create a space that appeals to people of all tastes, but it will also need to be relatively neutral so that potential buyers from all walks of life could imagine it as their very own. Whilst this may sound like an impossible feat, the art of property styling can actually be easily achieved if you follow a few simple rules. Here’s a brief explanation on how to give your property or display home a truly welcoming home atmosphere.

1. Style for comfort

Creating neutral spaces that appeal to a wide array of buyers is really all about accentuating your home’s ‘sanctuary potential’. In other words, you want all of your buyers to be able to live out this narrative: returning home to this comfortable abode after a hard day at work. Incorporating ‘effortless’ and luxurious furniture into the space like electric lift chairs and recliners are a great way to inspire this narrative, as are rugs, throws, pillows, candles or incense, and other accessories that play with the senses and inspire warmth and comfort. If your living space boasts a fireplace or a nice big window, be sure that all of your furniture is pointed towards these natural sources of light and activity rather than at a run-of-the-mill TV unit. It’s all about accentuating your space’s knack for natural creature comforts. 

2. Work with a colour palette

It’s essentially a given that creating neutral spaces absolutely requires the use of neutral tones and consistent colour palettes. And you’d be surprised at how easy it is to stick to a neutral colour palette, especially in this age of modern contemporary design. Muted colour schemes are on the rise right now, due to their great versatility, so sourcing furniture, accessories, and natural accents like plants and soft light that adhere to your neutral colour palette should be no huge task. 

It’s also worth noting that by no means does sticking to a colour palette mean that you can’t decorate with bold and colourful furniture, artwork, and accessories. In fact, by using the ‘60-30-10’ rule in your interior design plans, you can easily add some colourful character to even the most neutral designs, and chances are high that this little touch of personalisation can go a long way when it comes to inspiring buyers to imagine the space as their own too! Just be wary of creating a space with too much visual noise.

3. Balance your space

Modern contemporary design rules dictate that oftentimes less is in fact more. Open spaces in your home are just as important as filled spaces as open spaces will allow your potential buyers to see ‘behind the curtain’, so to speak, at how your designed space was put together. This is especially important when it comes to inspiring interest in your property, as it presents the illusion that the home’s interior space is naturally easy to style. Alongside this, open spaces will also ensure that your potential buyers don’t focus too much on the designed space itself, but on the walls around the space, on the layout of the home, and of how best they can use that layout for themselves. 

As you can see, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to property styling, but when it comes to this industrial art, the whole is actually not that much greater than the sum of its parts. Modern property styling can be an elegantly simple task, and it’s exactly this sense of simplicity that makes effective property styling seem like such an elusive achievement. Just remember that when it comes to interior design, achieving true cohesion in any space is always far simpler than you may believe.