What a Lender Can Expect of You

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Ultimate First Home Buyers Guide

It is not unusual for a lender to ask you different questions during your meeting to examine if you are suitable for a loan.

Use the following table to help you better prepare when meeting with a lender.

What a lender looks for
What to bring
Proof of identity Drivers license or Passport
Proof of employment and wages 1. At least the three most recent pay slips.

2. A letter from your employer detailing your income and length of employment.

Financial commitment Up to six months of bank statements including personal loans, credit cards (This time frame may vary depending on the lender, be sure to confirm before your meeting.)
Assets, investments & additional income 1. Up to three months of bank statements including transactions and savings accounts.

2. Investment papers – e.g. A letter from your real estate agent if you are receiving rental income or if you have shares and receiving income you will need to provide all the relevant paperwork.

3. An approximate value of other assets such as furniture and jewellery.

Insurance & Superannuation 1. Documentation relevant to your life insurance.

2. Superannuation details i.e. How much you have in your superannuation?

Home / Children If you own your current home you should bring your previous settlement documentations.
 Be sure to confirm with your lender what is required from you to bring to your meeting beforehand to avoid slowing down the process.