House and land packages remain popular for first home buyers

Written by in First Home Buyer

The real estate industry is one that is seemingly always fluctuating and evolving, with buyers, sellers, renters, and investors always flurrying through the industry in an effort to be a part of an industry that seems to never quite stop flowing (one way or the other). The current market is catered to the niches: would you like a house in a child-friendly neighborhood? Perhaps one on a golfing estate? Buyers can go from eco-villages with hip and trendy developments or choose a quiet retirement village. Such is the appeal of house and land packages.

It is not difficult to understand the appeal. After all, what is there not to love about the freedom of choosing your dream property and then getting the chance to watch your dream home come to life from the ground up, right in front of your very eyes? In Australia, there is an additional layer that has long added a sense of determination. That layer is the great Australian dream: owning your very own piece of real estate paradise. But in an industry that is constantly fluctuating, why is that layer so fundamentally important, especially now?

Young Australians continue to buy into real estate

Today, new house and land packages are still arguably the most popular way for young Australians to enter the real estate market and fulfil the great Australian dream of owning their own piece of paradise down under. Real estate in Australia has always been a hot commodity (as it has been in much of, if not the entire, the rest of the world), but as prices have dropped and risen and dropped again in recent years, there has never been a more exciting time to get into the market. House and land packages are often (if not always) great deals, and at the end of the day, they allow buyers to achieve the great Australian dream, the best of all worlds, simultaneously.

Why house and land packages are still so popular

House and land packages have been around for a long time, but in recent years they have become more and more popular – especially among young individuals and couples who are looking to invest in real estate. Why? Because of the considerable value they offer in comparison to buying a piece of land on its own, or a complete home that already stands on a piece of land. Young people (and practically anyone, for that matter) can buy into the market for a cheaper cost overall, and that is the root of the appeal.

The appeal of the great Australian dream will continue

Despite the fact that real estate prices are always fluctuating, as is the natural way of the industry, the great Australian dream will continue to live on because people want to own their properties – not only that, but to have power over where they build their homes. The power of choice is gratifying. There is a sense of freedom and pride that comes with owning one’s own property in whichever way they dream of, and in the case of house and land packages, that freedom and pride is taken to a new level, as many (if not most) of these house and land packages are offered in up-and-coming estates and areas that are more modern and more desirable overall.