Cornices can rate high in the style stakes

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Bright and playful textures combine perfectly with timber elements to create a youthful ambience that helps bring children’s bedrooms and play areas to life. The trend of creating bedrooms as eclectic and individual as the kid who occupies them is growing in popularity, and there’s no better way to realise this than with colour, pattern and texture. Gyprock’s Alto cornice has a strong shadow line, which makes painting them a breeze.

The sophisticated design palette of dark wool carpets, brass and timber elements set the tone for a luxe room. The Concerto cornice is therefore the perfect choice, its subtle curves offset by a rigid line to give a formal look and feel.

Scandinavian interior design is all about sleek minimalism, emphasising clean lines and simple furnishings where form follows function. The clean surface and subtle lines of Gyprock’s Tempo cornice aid the sense of purposeful beauty integral to Scandi design.

No doubt about it, there’s never been a better time to look up!