Five lighting tips to brighten your day

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By ACM– This article first appeared on Port Macquarie News

Lighting is an important part of any interior and an easy way to bring theatre into your rooms – in fact, according to Anthony Spon-Smith, creative director and co-owner of Coco Republic, the way a room is lit is as important, if not more important, than the furniture in it.

“Lighting pieces are the interiors industry’s jewellery and good jewellery can bring any outfit together,” says Anthony, offering the following advice for illuminating your home.

 1. Don’t be afraid to go bold.

Lighting is a functional art piece. The perfect union of style and function, bold lighting never fails to set the mood of a space. Form is an important component to an interior that can bring fun, intrigue and a sculptural element to a space. A beautiful pendant casts ambient light over a dining setting to beautifully anchor the space for dining and entertaining.

2. Functionality is key.

Considering the function and placement of lighting is quite important, as there are three key types that can affect the overall choice in light. Ambient lighting provides a glow, while accent lighting creates a focal point and task lighting is localised to help you accomplish a task. When designing interiors and homes, we use a combination of lights – Coco Republic has introduced lamps for a beautiful glow, wall sconces for an accent and desk lights to help focus.

3. Outdoor lighting should not go unnoticed.

Complementing the Australian indoor/outdoor way of life, outdoor lighting enhances the experience of spaces, so you can enjoy the comfort and function from inside when outdoors. Coco Republic recently introduced outdoor lighting for the first time, with a collection of functional pieces suited to outdoor elements.

4. Appreciate classic reinterpretation and materiality.

Timeless elegance with contemporary materiality is created by choosing a light that has a timeless design, yet features modern materials such as brass so that to it suits a modern home.

5. Consider scale and proportion.

When shopping for lighting, scale and proportion is quite important. Bring measurements of your dining table if you’re looking for a pendant, or measure your sideboard and mirror if looking for a pair of wall sconces. Know how low you need a light to sit. An oversized and interesting pendant can work as a feature in your entry or above a staircase, but when shopping have an understanding of the size of space you’re looking to complete. In a bedroom, feature bedside lamps on side tables that are bolder, or larger lamps to frame the bed setting. Ensure the height of the lamp is not the same as the bedhead, as lamps should sit above.