Give your bathroom the hotel treatment

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Step 1: Dust and vacuum. One of the biggest factors that makes a hotel bathroom so perfectly clean is the dedication to a preliminary dusting and vacuuming. Leave no element out. Use microfibre cloths to clean every shelf and light fitting.

Step 2: Time to spray. Spray your antibacterial cleaner in the tub, on the tile walls, the benches, floor, and any other similar surface in your bathroom. Start from the highest surface and work your way down to avoid overlapping.

Step 3: Spreading it out. Take a sponge or other cleaning cloth and spread your cleaning solution evenly over the tile surfaces. Avoid making the common mistake of spraying heavily in one area and simply wiping outward from that area.

Step 4: Let it sit. Allow your disinfectant to sit and do its work for roughly five to seven minutes to maximise the cleaner’s effectiveness, then use a non-scratch scrubbing pad or brush and scrub down the tiles and other surfaces.

Step 5: Dry it off. After you’ve rinsed, take a towel, or any other clean, dry cotton cloth to completely dry all the surfaces. Be sure to use multiple cloths for this part.

Step 6: Mirrors and glass. Now you need to take care of your mirrors and other glass. Simply spray the mirror and glass surfaces with glass cleaning solution and wipe them down until dry. You want the surfaces to be completely streak free.

Step 7: Clean the floors. Start from the end of the bathroom opposite the door and work your way back so when you finish you can back out of the bathroom and not double back over any of the floor.

By putting these professional tips to good use you’ll have a bathroom that is as relaxing as it is spotless.