How to style your bookcase

Written by in Lifestyle

Early Settler invited DIY queen and stylist Hayley Little to share her tips on how to turn the humble bookcase into a prime showcase.

In a series of easy steps, mixing the quirky and functional together can create a satisfying result that’s worthy of admiring and showing off on Instagram.

Step 1

Remove everything from the bookcase. Before you start, collect all the books and items you would like to display.

Step 2

Start with the books. Place them vertically and horizontally and group colours together for maximum impact.

Books elevate special items, so make sure you leave space to put something on top of the horizontal piles.

Step 3

Choose some special pieces to place on top of your books, starting with larger pieces. Everything doesn’t have to match, but a consistent theme or colour palette looks cohesive.


Step 4

Living things such as plants and flowers add life to your bookcase. Small plants arranged in trios makes a bigger impact and faux works just as well as fresh.

Step 5

Personalise the shelves with photos. Layer frames of different sizes for added interest.

Step 6

Add heirlooms and treasures such as a cigar box from a family wedding or a handmade box could double as convenient hidden storage.

Step 7

Choose a few quirky items just for fun. Animal ornaments are always a cute addition.


Step 8

Add extra storage, such as baskets to hide electrical cords and other functional items. Include a caddy of kids activities where they can reach it.

Step 9

Use any cupboard space underneath for comfort items such as throws and rugs.