An interior designer’s guide to 2021’s best decorating tips

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To help inspire your home refresh for this year, we’ve enlisted the help of Emma Buchan, interior design expert and founder/lead designer at EB Interiors, to take us through some of the biggest interior trends to look out for in 2021.

Layering pattern and colour

“Colour and texture are two of the biggest design buzzwords for 2021,” Buchan says. “‘We are amidst a colour revolution, which involves maintaining elements of play and fun, infusing more texture, pattern and boldness into our homes. Incorporating a number of textual elements allows a space to come alive, creating a tactile experience with several points of interest.

Don’t be afraid to colour block or mix patterns – this is where your design can really come alive. Try playing with different prints, graphic wallpapers and coloured paint to imbue your space with personality.

“If you haven’t worked with colour or pattern before, start by adding a statement piece of furniture in a bold colour, or layering some patterned cushions, and build from there.” Don’t be afraid to colour block or mix patterns – this is where your design can really come alive.

Natural textures 

‘In the wake of CODIV-19, we are seeing a big movement towards calming, comfortable interiors in 2021,” Buchan says.

“The key to making any space feel homely and inviting is to add layers of natural texture, be it in the form of textured rugs, cushions, throw rugs, sofas or armchairs.

“Embracing the delicate movements of natural materials works to add character to your home. It’s that real touch and feel element that helps to ground the space – think rattan, timber, bamboo, cork and stone.”

Multifunctional spaces

When it comes to maximising space, particularly in small areas, multifunctional spaces are key.

“For those who don’t have separate living rooms, dining rooms and home offices, combining multiple spaces into one is perfect for utilising the space you do have,” Buchan explains.

“Breakout rooms and potential office spaces provide flexibility within the home and can be effortlessly incorporated and tailored to align with your style.”

Cohesive colourways

According to Buchan, cohesive colourways, or tone-on-tone colour palettes, are already beginning to make waves in 2021.

“Selecting a colour and layering different shades of it throughout your space is a great way to create a refined look, with little effort required,” she says. “Brilliant in its simplicity, cohesive colourways are key to creating a seamless interior with colours you know will work beautifully together.

“We are beginning to see earth-based neutrals lead the way with tones of sage green being used quite a lot.”

Muted, moody tones create a very calm, relaxing environment with aesthetic appeal.

Cooler earth-tones such as charcoal grey and walnut brown hold nostalgic properties and can be used like any other neutral, as it complements just about any other colour and texture.