Look above for inspiration

Written by realestateview.com.au in Lifestyle

By ACM – This article first appeared in the Port Lincoln Times

In its most recent economic outlook, the Reserve Bank of Australia noted that conditions in the established housing market have cooled in recent months. This might mean that you are having second thoughts about putting a For Sale sign in your front yard, even though you’d like to upgrade.

Perhaps this is the good time to capitalise on what you already have and add value to your home.

One simple way to add a wow factor, and even create new rooms from previously unusable space, is skylights.

Watchers of the most recent series of The Block may have noted that four of the five final homes featured skylights, whether it was to transform a small space such as a bathroom or attic, or to create an eye-catching design feature.

As a result, The Attic Groups Liz Stewart has seen demand increase for skylights and roof windows. The Attic Group exclusively distributes European brand Fakro and is the premium distributor for Velux, the brand featured on The Block.

People used to think that a skylight was a square cut into their roof but this is no longer the case. From custom-made installations, you can create designer skylight triptychs, and false or recessed ceilings which frame inner window inserts from above. These ceiling frames render the view into natural canvases showcasing the sky and trees above, Ms Stewart said.

And windows no longer need to be fixed. Openable electrical skylights are remote control operated and come with a range of optional blinds or slides.

People can also see the added value that these bespoke offerings add to their home. People are drawn to light naturally and so a skylight can become a dramatic and alluring selling point, she said.

Hail-tested, providing 30 per cent more light than similar sized windows, as well as offering total privacy are some of the drawcards for skylights.

You can also get a coating which prevents dust and dirt build-up which means that they are self-cleaning. Plus a five-star energy rating means these windows keep the heat out in summer and the cold out in winter.