Quick tips on setting up home security

Written by realestateview.com.au in Lifestyle

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, last year Australia recorded a 16 per cent increase in robbery victims, with New South Wales experiencing its third consecutive year of increased robberies.

With residential properties reported to be the target of 74 per cent of burglaries, suburban households are investing in home security technologies that provide remote viewing of houses (and even pets) in real time, from any location.

This is especially convenient with the school holidays looming and many families keen to escape during the summer break.

Smart home security camera brand, EZVIZ, creates affordable Wi-Fi security cameras to put the power of home surveillance in the hands of everyday Australians.

Here are some tips from the EZVIZ team to help households establish all day and all night home security, with 24/7 piece of mind.

Your eyes outside

Install a security camera pointing towards your front door and one at your back door to monitor anyone entering or exiting the property.

Considering that residential land such as driveways, carports and garages are the most common locations for motor vehicle theft, a camera pointed towards your parked vehicle will also add to the property’s security.

Invest in security cameras that have an IP67 rating to withstand rain, sunshine or even snow, for worry-free protection throughout the year.

High-quality vision in full and low light

Choose security cameras that deliver high-quality photos and video in full and low light situations.

Security cameras with full HD vision ensure you have quality footage to view and share if needed.

Real-time monitoring

Home security cameras with real time, anywhere, anytime monitoring enhance your ability to stop theft before it occurs. Opt for a model with motion detection features; EZVIZ home security cameras alert homeowners of any activity in real time via the corresponding app, and integrate two-way talk audio to deter intruders before they unlawfully enter your home.

Don’t forget indoors

Priceless artwork, a prized vintage car in the garage and even your beloved pets deserve to be kept safe. Indoor security cameras are affordable and can protect every corner of a room.

Consider your budget

Before you buy a home security camera, consider if the vision quality, ease of use and installation, and method of accessing footage match the price tag.