Simple steps to spring clean your wardrobe

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By ACM – This article first appeared on Macquarie Port News

“In this current crazy world where chaos, stress and anxiety are prevalent more than ever, having a stress-free start to your day is key,” says Sally.

“An organised wardrobe helps create clarity and begins your morning with a positive attitude.”

Maximise closet space

The first step is to declutter before you organise. Streamline your wardrobe. Cleaning out any unworn or old clothes and accessories will allow you to see the amount of closet space you have. Before rearranging your closet, it’s important to visualise the storage solutions that will fit your space. Measure your wardrobe dimensions and create designated areas for each category of your belongings.

Remember to allocate space for your laundry. A space-saving hack is to use a hanging closet organiser. The neatfreak! hanging 10 shelf closet organiser is useful for wardrobes with less vertical hanging space and perfect for storing folded garments, purses and other accessories.

Photo Credit: neatfreak!

Photo Credit: neatfreak!

Organised accessories

There are multiple ways to store accessories such as belts, ties and scarves, depending on the available space in your wardrobe. Dedicate a compartment drawer to smaller items that can be stored on the top shelf or inside drawers. Hang scarves and longer items on hangers to prevent creasing.

An over-the-door accessory hanger works well for smaller spaces, such as the neatfreak! OTD accessory hanger. It has 25 individual compartments for each item and is designed to hang over any standard door and adds extra storage space for bathrooms, bedrooms and the laundry.

Shoe storage

Shoes can easily overtake your space. An effective way to store them is in categories: everyday wear, weekend wear and special occasions.

Everyday shoes should be placed at the top of the shoe rack for easy access and less frequently worn shoes should be stored at the bottom of the wardrobe. For ones you rarely wear, put them in boxes at the top of your wardrobe.