Moving house with kids: time vs. cost

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A father hugs his son

There’s no doubt about it, moving house is a big job! And an expensive one at that. When moving house with kids, it can be hard to find time to do it all and keep the family happy while you’re at it. This is called the parent struggle! From packing boxes to dismantling furniture – and not to mention the cleaning – there is a lot to do in a short space of time.

Sadly, there’s no fairy godmother to pack up all your things and wave a wand to transport them to your new house. You’re going to have to either get your hands dirty, or fork out some hard-earned cash to get the job done. DIY home moving, while it can save you money, comes at the expense of your family. Moving home is a difficult time for kids and parents alike, so it’s important to make time for each other.

Here’s how you can save a few dollars by DIYing, and where you should spare your sanity by calling in the pros.


Pack the boxes

Save costs by pre-packing all of your boxes before moving day. You can even get the kids to help with this one! Start them out with one box each for their bedrooms and give them the task of packing their special and most treasured possessions. That way they will feel involved (and will stay out of trouble – for a while at least!).

Load up the car

You can load up the family car(s) with the smaller, lighter items like clothes, pillows and linen, and save the removalist vans for bigger furniture items. Kids can help out with moving these smaller loads from the car and into the new house on moving day.

Take a time out

It’s understandable to want to power through moving day and get the job done as quick as possible, but do remember to take a breather every now and then. Make a point of gathering the family around for a quick break a few times throughout the day. Sweeten the deal with snacks and drinks to keep spirits up!

Make it a game

Challenge your kids to see who can set up their room the quickest. Unload their bedroom boxes first and set them with the task of unpacking their clothes and toys. Make sure their bedrooms are ready for the first night to help the house feel like home.

Pay the pros


When you’ve got little kids undertow, moving day can be hectic. If you don’t have someone who can take care of the kids while you’re at it, you’ll be better off paying a removalist to come in and help get the job done. That way, one of you can entertain the kids and keep them out of harm’s way, while the other can help with loading the van. The added benefit of a removalist company is they can also assist with putting your furniture back together when you arrive at the new house!


Whether it’s the new house you are moving into or the old house you are vacating, ringing in a cleaner can take an extra task off your long and seemingly endless list. After a long day of packing and unpacking boxes, doing a thorough clean of the vacated house will be the last thing you want to do. If you pass this job on to someone else, it means more time for you and your family to settle in to the new place. Enlisting the help of a cleaner means that you can pack up most of your own cleaning supplies sooner too.


If the walls are in need of a bit of love, it’s best to take care of this before you unload all of your stuff. Hire a painter to step in a few days before the big move to take care of it while you spend your time packing boxes. There’s nothing like the freshness of new paint – your place will feel brand new!

The first meal

At the end of the day, cooking is going to be pretty low on your list of priorities. Sit back and let the food come to you – order take away that is! With the likes of UberEats and Deliveroo you can have almost any cuisine delivered straight to your door. So find the box that has the plates in it and dial your dinner. Enjoy!