Five easy backyard renovation ideas you’ll want to try

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Looking for some easy backyard renovation ideas to spruce up your outdoor entertaining area?

Now is the perfect time to get your yard in shape – here’s some inspiration to create the ultimate space for relaxing, living and entertaining in.

1. Deck Makeover

Decks can take a beating during the winter months. If your deck is made from timber, it may be overdue for resanding, oiling or sealing.

Many decks are hard to maintain as they require annual maintenance to ensure safety and appearance. If your deck is due for replacing, sustainable building products such as composite timber decking may provide a better solution. These materials are designed to mimic the natural appeal and beauty of timber decking, without the costs and hassle of regular maintenance.

Tip: Soften hardscapes with wide flower planters at the base of the deck and stairway. For homeowners without a deck, give pavers a makeover instead. Verandas can be painted to freshen up dull spaces and pavers can be multipurposed for garden walkways and seating areas.

2. Colour-Pop Old Gutters

Gutters and roofs are often an afterthought for renovations.

However, investing a little time and money into eyesores like old gutters can go a long way to improving outdoor areas. Damaged or faded gutters aren’t attractive. Not to mention, the costly problems they can cause when they’re not working efficiently.

Add visual appeal to your home’s exterior with newly painted gutters. This will also give you an opportunity to look for any defects to fix. If you’re feeling creative, why not choose a bright colour instead? Coloured gutters with neutral homes can make for an attractive accent feature.

3. Water Wise Your Garden

Green gardening allows you to grow better gardens without spending too much on watering.

Sustainable gardens are water-efficient and require less care than regular gardens. They also create a welcoming natural habitat for birds and butterflies, boost property value and make a visually attractive and cost-effective addition to the backyard.

Inject colour into the space with succulents, hardy flowers and tropical greens that will thrive in Australia’s dry climate. Consider vertical gardens for pocket backyards and small urban areas. These are great for saving water and can come with or without built-in irrigation for a hassle-free space.

Tip: You can also grow your own fresh vegetables and herbs in vertical gardens or raised garden beds. Spring is the perfect time to plant coriander, mint, lettuce, cucumber, sweet corn and tomato. Check your location and the best time for planting edibles here.

green tomatos

4. Create a Private Retreat

Deck out a cosy backyard corner for those lazy spring and summer days.

Use decorative screening to section off zones and shield from prying neighbours. Fast growing screening plants can also create a sanctuary in your garden, whilst adding lushness to the space.

Backyards can also be made more private using hedges, pergolas and vines. If you have a pergola and patio area, add curtains or retractable blinds to create different levels of privacy. A simple vine-covered pergola with lattice panels may be enough for some spaces or opt for outdoor-friendly fabrics for more seclusion.

5. Don’t Forget Your Side Space

Has your side garden become a home for odd socks that’ve escaped the washing line or discarded and chewed pet toys?

These small and sometimes awkward areas usually become wasted spaces in homes. This spring make the most of your side space with function and beauty.

Vertical gardens are fantastic here, especially because space is minimal. However, you can get as creative as you dare with elaborate planter paths or turn it into an intimate viewing zone. If budget permits, why not squeeze in a lap pool to welcome the warmer weather.

Giving your backyard a spring clean doesn’t have to be a challenge. Some of the easiest and most cost-effective backyard renovation ideas can offer the greatest enjoyment.


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