Home Improvement Ideas

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Renovating your home can be a rewarding project both for you and your wallet. Whether you are undertaking the reno’s because you just love throwing yourself into a project and want to improve your home or solely to add value to the property and hopefully add to the selling price.

Brainstorming ideas for your new-look home should start with an evaluation of the house and what could be improved; what would add value or function.  There is no point changing something that is working perfectly well or making a project of something that is already a feature of your home. A nagging partner can be a very convincing motivator to start making rapid changes but the best home improvement ideas are those that enhance the space and add functionality or make it look more aesthetically pleasing…or both! So maybe reconsider adding a fire pole down 2 levels or turning your spare room into a cat jungle gym.

Starting a Pinterest board is a really great starting point for storing ideas for your projects and it is fantastic for inspiration. From the simplest of ideas through to hiding rooms behind bookshelves, you can be as you want (while trying to stay within budget). As you go through your board, you’ll likely notice a pattern emerging of your style. You will be able to see what colours and styles resonate most with you and this will hopefully allow you to define the direction your own project should take no matter what part of the house your project is on. And we have started the hard work for you by putting together a few great boards to get your creative juices flowing. Or better yet, check out property listings and take advantage of the interior designers that have already paid for by others.

Home Renovation Doesn’t Need to Be Stressful

We’ve all seen the stress and panic that happens to the contestants on The Block, House Rules and other home improvement shows. Remember, this is reality television so it doesn’t need to be this way. Depending on budget and the time you have, you may want to consider choosing just one project at a time – you can always add on another as you go or at a later stage.

Budgeting correctly is possibly the most stressful part of any home renovation. So, to reduce the stress, it is really important to stick to the budget that you set out at the beginning and refrain from adding that solid gold toilet you have been eyeing off because inevitably you will go over it.  Considering a “plan B” budget of 10-15% as things will likely overrun and at least if you have a contingency plan, you will have some padding. Once you have set your budget, it is then time to go through the many home improvement ideas that you could consider. Remember, this should be a fun experience because despite the upheaval you may experience, in the long run a good and well planned home improvement project will be worth it.

Tips When Budgeting for Your Home Improvement Project:

  • Don’t focus on what’s “trendy” right now. Try to focus larger elements of your budget on classic items for the project. For example a timeless piece of furniture that will stand the test of time and isn’t a trend setting piece. We know all know someone who regrets that red feature wall.
  • Bargain hunt along the way. Pick up cheap but distinctive accessories as the project goes on. You’ll find wonderful pieces in markets, second hand stores, antique outlets etc. Pick a theme and keep your eye out.
  • Avoid the VCAT headache by not scrimping on your budget for quality trades people. Invest in those who come recommended or with reliable testimonials. You won’t regret it in terms of their work effort and output.
  • Get your hands dirty. Look for easy install items like shelving and fixture that you could do yourself to save a little cash on the labour. And don’t be afraid to haggle for those items you need to buy in bulk. Every dollar counts when you are on a budget.
  • Talk to people! A lot of your friends and family may have done their own small renovations. How long did it take them, what unforeseen problems arose? Small insights like this can help guide your time and budget plans.

No matter the reason, renovating your home or investment property can add value to your property as well as the comfort of living. So try to keep your end goal in mind throughout the project and budget appropriately and you will be hammering nails with paint in your hair in no time.

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