The what, where and why of installing skylights

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There’s nothing more desirable than a light-filled, bright, naturally-illuminated room. Whether it’s your bedroom, kitchen, lounge or office there’s no denying that the impact of organic light sources is impressive. There are many ways in which you can increase the amount of natural light in any room, the most effective being skylight installation. With so many products on the market and companies to choose from how do you know what option is right for you? Well, continue reading to get to grips with the what, where, why and wonders of installing a skylight in your home. 

Do Your Research

There’s a huge range of different products on the market when it comes to skylight installation so doing your research before reaching for your credit card will certainly pay off. There are some basic requirements that your chosen product will need to meet such as water tightness, energy efficiency and sound reduction. Once you are sure that the skylights on your shortlist meets these criteria you can then start making a decision about what materials and styles you would like to introduce to your home. If trolling through endless amounts of text on various websites doesn’t sound too appealing then have a look for some relevant videos on YouTube.


When the stakes are as high as ruining your roof, you want to be sure that you’ve chosen the right place for your skylight to live before you start your project. This is why placement is key when it comes to planning your installation. If you’ve got access to a space plan or blueprints for your property then make reference to them before you decide which room or designated space you’ll give to your new, shiny skylight. 

Stay safe

It seems fairly obvious, but it shouldn’t go without saying that, your safety is paramount when it comes to this home improvement project. Don’t overlook the fact that this could, potentially, be a tricky job so wearing the correct protective equipment and securing the site is essential. Using roof jacks to support a 2” x 12” board to work from is a choice that most tradesmen make to prevent them from slipping and sliding, especially if the weather isn’t on your side. 

Is your skylight self-ventilating?

A self ventilating skylight allows air to circulate through the room when opened, meaning you can kill two birds with one stone. Some skylights don’t self ventilate which means you get abundant natural glow but no ventilation; I know which option I’d rather choose. If you’re going to the trouble of installing a skylight then consider the possibility of adding self ventilating options so you get more for your time and effort.

Energy efficiency

Not only do skylights bring charm and charisma to your room of choice but your investment could save you cash in the long run. By reducing the amount of electricity you would use by flicking on the light switch and ramping up the aircon you will save money on your utility bills. Your hard-earned cash could be saved by installing an energy-efficient skylight that has an energy star label. You’ll also be making a contribution to a household that is more eco friendly, therefore, reducing your carbon footprint. 

By researching the market, placement and safety of your skylight installation you will have a successful home improvement project. Taking on board the advice from this article will allow you to complete your  DIY venture safely so you can enjoy the positive impact on your home and lifestyle.