How to maximise your space without compromising style

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By ACM– This article first appeared on Port Macquarie News

“We’re constantly changing the way we’re living but downsizing your square footage doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style,” says interior designer, Jono Fleming.

The House of Style podcast co-host collaborated with GlobeWest to provide these styling tips on how to maximise space without compromising the overall look.

Double duty

There’s a reason we love a modular sofa, nothing beats sprawling out and having a good relax, but when space is limited, the ‘L’ extension can often block pathways and take up space. Stick to your regular linear sofa, but get a small poof or ottoman.

They’re great to kick your feet up and can double as extra seating if you have guests, small enough to tuck away but functional enough to stretch the legs. For a larger ottoman, add a tray and it can double as a coffee table.

Style vertically

When you’re choosing storage pieces, don’t forget about your walls. Using vertical space means you can invest in taller shelves and affix things to the walls without sacrificing floor space.

Playing with the height of your storage helps add depth and layers to your room rather than all the furniture being low to the ground.

Adding height to your room also makes it feel like a larger space. The best way to do this is to draw the eye up with stand-out items such as bold paintings or prints and statement lighting.

SPACE SAVERS: GlobeWest furniture in these photos demonstrates compact style.

SPACE SAVERS: GlobeWest furniture in these photos demonstrates compact style.

Hang a mirror

It’s an oldie but a goodie – mirrors help make a space feel larger and brighter.

Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes now, so play around with it; pill shaped, circle or even more decorative pieces can add lots of personality to your room while being super functional.

Style with intent

Make sure every piece you choose is practical and has a purpose. If you’re selecting large pieces of furniture, it’s important to make sure they add storage, surface area, functionality, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice design.

A beautiful buffet or entertainment unit can inject heaps of style into your room but hide any clutter behind closed doors for example. Really think about the way you use the room before investing in those key pieces.

Keep it clean

The best styling tip for small spaces is to remember to edit yourself. You don’t need to have every item you own on display. Too many things will create visual and mental clutter.

Pick your small mementos to style, group items together on shelves and storage to create separate vignettes. It’s the easiest way to maximise your space but still have it reflect your style.