Tapping into the top trends for 2021

Written by realestateview.com.au in Renovating

Whether undertaking a complete home renovation, or replacing bathroom and kitchen fixtures, these trends and tips from tapware and shower brand, Methven, can help narrow down some difficult decisions.

Black is back

Black is making another comeback and will be a popular choice for details and fixtures within bathrooms and kitchens. Working well with a variety of shades and colours, black can be paired with vibrant colours to make a bold statement.


Changing shapes

While sharp, geometric forms have ruled interior spaces for the past couple of years, design trends are now shifting toward soft curves and rounded edges. This trend inspires the feeling of comfort and encompasses a sense of welcomeness.

Conscious choices

People are becoming more environmentally conscious than ever, which is influencing their decisions when it comes to home design.

Factors for these choices start as early as manufacture, with many people looking for products that have been made with less chemicals involved in the process.

Perfect pairings

A free-standing basin will require either a wall mounted tapware set or a hob (deck) mounted high rise tap.

A wall mounted tapware set can be a great way to keep your vanity benchtop clear and allow space for other items.

Consider the spout length of the tapware selected in regards to the basin. If the spout is too long or too short, it can result in water splashing out of the basin. Ideally, water should be directed towards the drain.

Getting this marriage of basin drain and spout length right can be troublesome, so look for mixers and spouts which have adjustable stream aerators. These allow an extra bit of water direction control to reduce the chance of splashing.

If you are selecting a hob or deck mounted basin mixer, ensure the fixing underneath is solid. Look for ‘twin-stud’ mounting as opposed to ‘single-stud’. Single studs can easily loosen after use.

Think about the size of the basin and tapware. If possible, they should be selected together so they can be proportionately matched.


Tap into the look first

The basin mixer is typically the foundation of a tapware collection. Once you are happy with this choice, select your shower set, towel rings, soap dishes and other accessories from the same range to complete your bathroom and create a cohesive look.

When planning on updating your fixtures, gather options together, take your time and do your research. Create a moodboard or a scrapbook of design ideas and products.

Where possible, find your chosen products on display, so you can feel the quality and get a sense of how the product looks in real life.