Cost effective ways to update three aspects of your home

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While some take inspiration from home reno television programs and go for pizzazz, most will simply want the most bang for their buck, taking what might be a tired space and breathing new life into it.

Check out these three cost-effective ways to give different parts of your home the zest they need to look (almost) brand new.


Splashbacks have become a popular feature for home renovators and people upgrading their kitchens to alter, as the right finish can open up a cooking space and enable light to bounce and reflect around the room.

Industry expert Andrew McCollum from V Group says it’s one of the fastest ways to instantly modernise an area with a new colour or material.

“By adding just one thing you can bring an immediate wow-factor, and it makes the space easier to keep clean and look after,” he says. “A quality splashback has a highly smooth look and finish, and because they are a single surface they’re much easier to clean. As a result they’re a great deal more hygienic than simple tile-based wall surfaces in your kitchen.”

Porcelain is one example of an easily cleaned kitchen splashback. Something to keep in mind when choosing a matte style over a gloss one however, is to make sure it has been treated to prevent oil and fat from staining the surface.

Some materials may provide a luxe look, but are less durable and can often show stains over time.



Much like a splashback, a benchtop made from the right material can open up your kitchen and give it a sharp, dynamic look.

“This is one of the biggest surfaces in a kitchen and it’s also the one that has the highest usage,” says McCollum. “When it comes to changing an entire space, updating a benchtop has huge bang for buck.”

A central stone benchtop is also one of the first things you notice when you walk into a space for the first time, so in terms of property value there’s a significant amount added with just this one item.

Ceramic benchtops are popular because they’re versatile and provide a super hygienic surface, which is important when you’re preparing food.

Ceramic benchtops are a reliable and durable surface, made to last for years (if not decades) and are resistant to water, mould, mildew, and bacteria.

Caesarstone and granite are strong, reliable materials to work on, however Caesarstone has the upper hand in terms of practicality, as it has a greater resistance to impacts and stains than granite.


Custom cladding

Cladding is an ideal solution if you want to improve your home’s overall look, and/or cut down on your energy consumption. An investment in exterior wall cladding could also provide additional protection against the elements.

According to McCollum, external cladding is where there has really been developments in the building industry. “New products and technologies are hitting the market quickly as the demand for custom cladding is in major growth,” he says.

“Because of this, it’s becoming more affordable, with different levels of thickness. The technology we use to measure, cut and install today makes the job far more seamless, with better quality, cost-effectiveness and a better overall finish.”

The right choice in cladding can take an uninteresting wall surface and create the style or accent that’s really going to make a statement for your house.

There’s a host of options to explore when it comes to cladding materials, ranging from the more affordable to the high-end and luxurious, so everyone’s needs and budgets are catered for.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to make the best or most impactful statement either. The most frequently used types of cladding are stone, brick, UPVC (a type of plastic or thermoplastic polymer), timber, metal, concrete, weatherboard and glass.

Consult with a professional to find out which options are best for you to explore. It really doesn’t need to cost the earth to give your home a fresh, revitalised look.