The Search for a Rental Property

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a girl looking through binoculars for a rental property

With the competition for home rentals heating up across the country, what is the best way to approach your rental-house search?  In many ways, searching for a rental property is like finding a new job.  You need to be organized, serious, professional, and make sure you stand out as the best applicant. This means that you have to make a good impression and demonstrate that you will be a good tenant for the landlord’s property.

It is highly valuable to be aware of what the agent and landlord are looking for in your application.  To gain a better understanding, we spoke to James Limnios, CEO of Limnios Property Group and uncovered his top tips for securing a rental property:

 Have at least three reliable references

If you have rented before, ensure that you have contact details of your last landlord or agent.  Contact your references ahead of time to ensure your information is current and that you have their permission to use them as a reference.

Be prepared

You’ll need to have ready all the information you need to complete a rental application. That includes, full, prior addresses, bank account statement, and a list of references. Landlords will not respond to incomplete applications.  Make sure that you can demonstrate that you have a good credit rating and have a sound financial background. You’ll also need proof of your current address, such as an electricity account or telephone account.

Consider preparing a renter’s resume

You may have to repeat the information on the application, but you will stand out as well-organized and prepared.  Let all your friends and associates know that you are looking for a rental home and what you want in a rental home. Explore various different platforms for property listings.

Set aside funds for a pet bond

If you have a pet, advise the landlord or their representative that you would be prepared to pay a pet bond to secure the property. A letter from the previous agent advising that the pet was in the property would also assist.

Be proactive

Target an area you would like to live and register your name with local property management companies. You should check the latest listings first thing every day, and call early. Respond quickly when a landlord calls you back. If you have a mobile phone, leave that number and have it on while you are out looking at other properties.

Know what you want

It sounds obvious, but it is important that you are clear in your mind of what you really want in a property, and what you don’t want. You should try to be flexible with the rest of your criteria. Be prepared to decide on the spot and be prepared to leave a deposit. Once you have gone through this criteria and have all your documents ready for the application you will find you will be in a much better position to be the chosen tenant for the prospective property.

Most property management companies will have their application forms available online to make applying for a property easier; however you must be prepared and available to be at the rental open homes. If you have any more questions about how to blitz your rental application, connect with James Limnios from Limnios Property Group.