Top five cat breeds for renters

Written by in First Home Buyer

If dogs aren’t your thing, you are undoubtedly a cat person.

And while cats may be considered the ‘low maintenance’ version of a dog, it does not mean they cannot cause absolute chaos and destruction in your home – something particularly difficult if you are a renter and are wanting to see your bond again!

We’ve put together a list of the top five cat breeds for renters, particularly those in apartments, based on exercise requirements, shedding levels and overall temperament to help you make the best decision when it comes to choosing your own friendly feline.

Oh and remember, if cats aren’t actually your thing, we have also compiled the top 15 best apartment dogs for your convenience!

A Siamese cat sits against a wall

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If you are a closet dog-lover, than a Siamese may be the cat for you! This breed loves company, and will follow you around wherever you go seeking attention. The Siamese is also child-friendly and will even get along with dogs. Their short coat is easily cared for and will not cause too many fur-filled tumbleweeds either, however, their one downside is they have tendency to vocalise – meaning if you are in an apartment building, your neighbours may not appreciate your Siamese’s talkative nature!


A Sphynx cat squints into the sunlight

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Dr Evil of Austin Powers may have owned his very own Sphynx, but rest assured they are not only the cats of evil masterminds. Despite popular belief, Sphynx do require some grooming as their skin must be kept moisturised, however, the very obvious benefit is they shed absolutely zero hair, leaving your furniture, floors and beds clear and clean. If you live in a cooler climate, your Sphynx may also require a cat coat. Suprisingly friendly, and sometimes even used as a therapy cat, the Sphynx is one of the top cat breeds for renters.



A Bengal cat with distinctive Leopard-print markings

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While the Bengal descends directly from the Leopard, there is no trace of the fierce predator left. Very affectionate, and with a shorter coat that offers minimal shedding, the Begal is a very popular choice for families. The Bengal is also not a particularly loud cat, meaning an apartment is not out of the question.



A Bombay cat leans over a pile of towels.

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The Bombay is a stunning cat with a short, sleek coat perfect for renters. His friendly and calm nature makes him a good apartment companion, and he won’t neccessarily crave to be outside. Although he likes to be on top, a Bombay will get along with other pets.



A British Shorthair happily lays on the carpet

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British Shorthair

The British Shorthair is mellow and easygoing, particularly once they reach about a year old. The older the are, the more likely they are to reach ‘couch potato’ status! A weekly brush is all they need, and bathing is rarely required, meaning minimal mess – another one of the perfect cat breeds for renters.