Selling your home using technology

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A laptop and computer screen for selling your home

If technology is anything other than innovative, engaging, and intelligent, it’s that it is forgiving. Nothing epitomizes this more than cameras (and cameras in phones) that have stabilizing technology. You could be juggling three puppies in your left hand and taking a picture of your home with your right hand and your common smartphone will still produce a decent photo. Because of this, there are a range of technologies to help make selling your home that much easier.

Ways to digitally market and sell your home

Danger zone

It’s time to get your best Top Gun references in stock and fire up that drone. Many agents can now offer you drone photography to help when selling your home. They will often contract this out to a third party who specialize in real estate drone photography. Of course, you could get yourself a new hobby and buy yourself your own drone, but unfortunately there are laws restricting the use of a drone or Remote Pilot Aircraft (RPA) for financial gain without a licence (unless it weighs under 2kg), which it could be argued you would be doing if taking photos for marketing purposes. Be sure any commercial venture that uses drones for photography can prove compliance with the law.

A drone in front of a sunset


Drone photography allows buyers to get a big-picture view of your home and its location. This includes aerial photography of local amenities, such as parkland, pools, beaches and shops. The larger your piece of land, the better suited it is to drone photography, as long sweeping shots are highly effective. But drones can still be used to great effect with inner city properties for both their ability to contextualise the property within its neighbourhood and to provide impressive shots of less accessible architectural shots of your property.

Be sure to work closely with the photography/pilot of the drone during this process. You are in the end paying for this service, so don’t just tick its box as an extra marketing feature and then leave it there. Provide your agent with key areas for which you think a drone could be effective.

Virtual tour

Have you ever clicked on a ‘virtual tour’ of a property listing for it just to be a slideshow of the images you have already seen? There’s no point to that video!

The only reason to invest in this technology is to give buyers an immersive experience with your property. This can go as far as using camera technology that can be used with a Virtual Reality extension of users’ phones. If you don’t want to go this far, a simple video can be a fantastic and easy way to enhance the marketing of your property. Thanks to that old stabilizing technology, you can get great results from most cameras these days and simple editing apps allow you to be effectively creative. Beyond just making a ‘walk-through’ of your home, includes video of areas of interest and beautiful factors of your home and garden.

Old fashioned photography

Legislation in Victoria requires agents to provide images of a property that are in no way deceptive to the buyer. Beyond this, it is just annoying to get to an inspection expecting one thing, to get something much less impressive. It is a sad reality that images are often crudely ‘enhanced’. This is done by playing with the image’s saturation, brightness and contrast levels. This is intended to make the interior look a lot brighter than it is.

Always avoid anything that will annoy potential buyers. Monopolise on natural light and be clever with your lighting. You have the freedom to stage your rooms as you see fit. Smart lighting, rather than deceive buyers, demonstrates the potential of how a room can be displayed. If natural light is an issue, consider taking photos at night to enhance the effect of your interior lighting.

Social media

A smartphone with a social media app open


Get on your own social media channels to sell your home. Create an event and boost your posts so they reach those outside of your immediate network. It is more than likely those just outside of your immediate network are part of your target audience. Social media can drive a private sale, which can save you money in the long run. Have fun with the potential of social media, making the sale a ‘campaign’ in which you regularly update channels such as Instagram with innovative and entertaining updates about your property.

Smarten up

Consider investing in sought-after technologies that may help towards the sale. These could include security systems, smart audio/heating/lighting technologies or sustainable technologies such as water tanks, green walls and solar panels.